Cursive or Typewriting? Which One is Better


Cursive Writing

Cursive Writing

Cursive is a handwriting style. In this style, all the letters are joined with each other. Most students prefer cursive writing because it helps them in writing fast. While writing in a cursive style, it becomes easy to maintain the writing flow. In this aspect, you don’t have to lift your pen again and again. That is why it takes less time. Students also prefer it over other styles of writing.

In cursive dissertation writing service, time is not the only factor. Another key aspect is that it’s attractive as well. If you’re not good at cursive writing, you can learn it. It’s not difficult to learn cursive writing. For this, the right selection of pens matters a lot. Fountain pens are usually preferable. Then you have to practice it. Without practice, you cannot be good at cursive writing. You can also go for formal sessions for it. You can go for any method that suits you. Nowadays, cursive writing is getting very common in use at the school level. In the past, students usually practised block writing. But nowadays cursive writing is in practice. Given below are some advantages and disadvantages of cursive writing:

Brain Stimulation

Cursive writing stimulates your mind. You cannot replace cursive writing with any other writing style. Several pieces of research have shown some amazing relations between writing, and the brain. People with good cursive writing are good in management functions. At the same time, those who don’t have good cursive writing are poor in language skills. They are also inefficient regarding managerial functions. In the same way, psychology says that cursive writing helps in activating the brain.

Promotion of Focus

Cursive writing helps in promoting focus. While writing, you may slow down at some points and formulate thoughts. In cursive writing, you recollect different facts. But you cannot get this advantage of factual recollections through typewriting.


Through cursive writing you can improve your reading, writing and spelling disorders. Dyslexia is a writing disorder. And cursive writing helps you in managing it. While writing cursive, you join alphabets together and make a unit. Whereas in other writing styles, you come up with separate strokes. In cursive writing, you see all lower letters in equal start and end. The same is the case with dyslexia. It helps you in differentiating between lower, and uppercase letters. You can manage the structure, and content of writing with ease.

Use in Signature

Many people think of cursive writing as an unnecessary thing. They think there is no need to learn about cursive writing. Especially because they think that it’s mostly used while signing. Similarly, the e-signing system is now getting common. This is because everything is converting into an online system.

Digital Texts

Many institutes and parents think that the world is getting digital day by day. And cursive writing contributes less within this context. It also requires proper time investment for learning cursive writing. Hence teachers and parents don’t want their children to invest their time in this. Instead, they want a digital system for writing.

Out of Date

A very important point about cursive writing is related to those who cannot read it. In many sectors, you have to deal with old manuscripts. These scripts are in cursive essay writing service. And many people fail to understand them. So, companies change such scripts into digital texts. They take it as an outdated version and prefer typewriting.


The world is getting modernised day by day. Everything is changing its form. Similarly, writing is changing from handwriting to typewriting. In the case of typewriting, you don’t have to go and select a particular pen. Also, there is no need to arrange a paper for it. You can do your work through the smartphone, laptop, or computer. Even if you have a smartphone, you don’t need to carry your computer, or laptop everywhere. You can typewrite anytime, anywhere.

Typewriting is more common in use. From office work to homework, everyone prefers typewriting. For example, if someone has to write an email, it’s always done through typewriting. Also, if someone is going for groceries, that person will surely type and note the list in his phone. In the current century, no one prefers to keep a paper and pen. Typewriting is convenient and common in use too.


Typewriting is fast and efficient. Especially if you are a writer, you should only go for typewriting. Writers have to work a lot on their assigned tasks. It’s also used for making frequent changes to the work. In the case of typewriting, you can easily make changes. Whereas in any other writing style, it’s not easy to make changes. In typewriting, you can remove the unwanted material. While in cursive writing, you have to rewrite the whole document if you wish to make changes.

No Printer

In typewriting, you don’t have to deal with the printer. Also, there is no need to arrange pages. Everything is in an ordered way. You don’t have to arrange pen, ink, paper, or printer. This is because everything is digital. Some people do have a printer with their computer. It can be said that things vary from sector to sector. Most people transfer their material from computer to computer through email.

Considering all the points, the conclusion is that typewriting is better than cursive writing. Although cursive writing has its own advantages, typewriting is advanced and more common. In typewriting, older adults face problems because of less knowledge. Otherwise, it is more convenient, and efficient for rest of the age groups. Cursive writing has many advantages. These advantages, however, are simply for the school level. After that, no one prefers it. But typewriting is in practice at colleges, universities, and workplaces. At these higher levels, cursive writing is considered as the way of the dinosaur.

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