Why Working From Home Is Easy For Introverts?

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The last few decades were the time for the extroverts to show their potential. The social gathering and the outdoor meetings were at their peak. People loved to be social; they spent hours in official dinners. The trend of dining out was very popular among people. But, the current situation of Covid 19 introduces a new trend of working from home. Work from home is the best way to follow the rules of social distancing. The main factor affecting ease of working from home is ‘What kind of person you are’? Here, the term ‘Kind’ refers to either Extrovert or Introvert. Implementing rules’ stay home, stay safe’ was the biggest reason for depression among extroverts. On the other side, Introverts love to stay at home, so strick ‘Lockdown’ or ‘work–from–home’ was an opportunity for the introverts. This essay will discuss the key points linking the characteristic trait of introverts and work-from-home opportunities.

1. Characteristics of Introverts:

The best way to evaluate whether the introverts feel easy in working from home opportunity or not is to see how they differ from extroverts? So what are the specific traits that make people introverts? How do such traits affect their working behaviors?

Table1 gives details about the personality traits of both types of men, Introverts, and Extroverts.

Table 1: Characteristic of Introverts vs. Extroverts








Prefer dinner at home

Prefer dine out

Very few friends

Move-in the form of gangs



Sit at one fixed place in the office

Always roaming around the office

Never involved in group discussions

Start political discussions at the workplace.

2. In Time Quiet Delivery

The productivity and in-time delivery of office work depend on how focused you are while doing your work. According to experts of dissertation writing services, work is going in a streamlined manner in the office. Everybody knows about his working responsibilities. Workplaces are meant to provide a working environment to employees. Introverts always try to complete their task in time irrespective of the place they are sitting in. Although introverts are reserved and avoid extensive contact with people, working from home will create communication problems.

3. Talkative Versus Quiet.

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The talkative person is lively and feels comfortable taking ‘chats and ‘work’ side by side. But, at the same time, a quiet person cannot concentrate on his work in a noisy workplace. The administration can’t hire either a talkative or a quiet person. Different factors from the workplace environment have a different effects on different kinds of people. No one can create a workplace that benefits all people at the same time. While in homes, everyone has the liberty to construct his environment. That is why introverts feel good about the government’s working from home policy.

4. Introverts Love To Be Alone:

In loneliness, the mind of introverts charges like batteries. The more they give time to themselves, the more efficient their work will appear. Hence, the most prominent feature of Introverts’ personalities is that ‘they like working in a quiet and peaceful environment.’ The work-from-home opportunity fulfills the ‘working alone’ demand of introverts. Therefore, it can say that working from home is an easy task for introverts.

5. Unable To Handle The Noisy Situation:

The working style of Introverts is a little bit different from the Extroverts. The extroverts are flexible, while the introverts are stereotypic in their style of working. Therefore, noise, intergroup chit chats, and periodic disturbance are not serious issues for extroverts. But, on the other hand, these interruptions have a negative impact on the performance of Introverts. According to experts of cheap dissertation writing services, the best possible solution for these problems of introverts is the ‘Work-from-home’ opportunity.

6. Introverts Shine During Lockdown

A prominent feature of Introverts’ personalities is that they get confused in crowds. Although this trait harms an Introvert’s career in many ways still, they cannot avoid it. In pandemic days, it was experienced that the work from home policy gives Introverts a chance to shine. According to Richard Etienne, Extroverts spend most of their time in outgoing activities, but Introverts spend part of their lives improving their skills. So work from home give Introvert’s a chance to covert their weaknesses into strengths.

7. Introverts And Communications

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Although, work from home is a blessing for those who don’t want to share their knowledge with others at the workplace. In most cases, it has been evidenced that introverts feel relax in working from home policy. In contrast, after lockdown, some introverts said that they were more comfortable in their office Cabins. The reason behind this was, they were shy and felt discomfort in online communication through video calls. The introverts who were against the policy of working from home had a particular place at their workplace. Few of them said that working from home is beneficial because it saves time on everyday travel for work. But, introverts who were used to complete their task between 9 am -5 pm said, ‘ in offices, they ensure in-time delivery of work.’ So among introverts, the degree of ease in working from home also varies.

8. Disadvantages Of Working From Home

Not all introverts are happy with work from home policy. The blurring of work and home chores is a common side effect of work from home for both introverts and extroverts. Other side effects of working from home include burnout and mental health issues. Apart from all these, working from home also negatively affects the teamwork and motivation levels of Introverts. This is because, in offices, the workload is distributed among all workers. But work from home demands more individual responsiveness among employees.

Moreover, the management of remote working style is more challenging than the office-based job. Hence, the ease of working from home opportunity for introverts is multifactorial. Individual thoughts, available facilities, the ranks of introverts, number of children, monthly income, availability of working space at home, and many other environmental or personal factors decide the working from home ease for introverts.

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