10 tips to write a first-class argumentative essay

Argumentative essay is a type of essay which deals with arguments and opinions. The opinion plays a fundamental role in understanding this essay type. The argumentative essay is all about stating your idea and presenting your opinion with logic. The argumentative essay requires the arts of argumentation, it is not just limited to just saying what you feel like saying but you must have evidence for it as well. 
1-Oppose or support

First and foremost, tip is that you must understand either you are going to write in support of the statement or you will negate the topic given to you. The opposition is that you are negating whatever the topic is stating and if you are supporting then it means you agree to whatever the statement is saying. The support or oppose is an essential part as you will have to take slides.

2- Neutral stance

This is also one type of neutral stance and hence one must see if they can be both opposing and supporting for the argumentative essay. The argumentative essay deals with the idea of staying eve neutral meaning that you take both sides and present a third alternative to the statement.

3-Topic statement

The topic statement is defined as the first statement for your paragraph. It is the first line of your paragraph that you will have to write. All the topic statements combine to make an essay.


Stance is basically defined as your statement towards the topic. The stance is basically an idea that must be understood and hence one must see if these goes well or not. While talking about the stance, the person must realize that the opinion must be presented in the form of a statement and that statement is your stance.

5- Building Rhetoric

Rhetoric is an important point of your essay and while writing you must see how you link certain facts with one another. The rhetoric is basically the idea you give in and mesh it well with the other ideas.

6- Logic

The argument must be logical and for the purpose, we acquire a good deal of understanding for the ideas. The logic means that whatever you say, just rationally prove your facts.


Warrant is basically your idea is given with logics and now its time that you based on those ideas sanction and idea that refers to the stance.

8- Statistics

The statistics can be seen in the magazines and journals as well as other sites which are giving online information and facts about the world. The statistics gives solid understanding and proof to our topic.

9- Beginning

The beginning is important aspect and one should consider it important as one has to give a stance on that topic. While dealing with one idea in your essay, you can always refer to that idea in the beginning so that your ideas are clear.

10-Middle and End

The middle and End are equally important, and you must write your logic's in the middle with examples. Conclude your topic well clearly stating your ideas about it.

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