The Different Types Of Assignments That Students Are Assigned In College

assignment is a work that is allocated to a student as a course of study. The basic aim of writing an assignment is to understand the central theme of the assignment topic and follow the basic ideas of the topic. Different types of the assignments are allocated to the students in the college. An assignment acts as a double wide in the practical life and these assignments are also necessary for the students in order to improve the interpersonal skills. Here, we will discuss some important types of the assignments that are often assigned to the students at the college level.

1) Research essay

There are two basic purposes of assigning the research essay to the students. The first purpose is to get the answer to an assigned question and the second purpose is to present some arguments on that topic and these arguments should be based on the facts. The basic structure of a research essay consists of three parts like an introduction, body, and conclusion. The research essay is usually written without any heading.

2) Lab report

The basic purpose of assigning the lab report is to explain what you have done and on the basis of these experiments, it is necessary for you to draw some conclusions. The structure of a lab report consists of the introduction, methods, results, and discussion. You can include some headings in it.

3) Case study

The basic purpose of a case study is to examine a situation, to identify the positive and negative impacts of the topic, and try to make some recommendations on the basis of it. The basic structure of a case study consists of a numerous headings, brief summary about the topic, and table of contents.

4) Review of an article

The basic purpose of writing a review of an article is that it is a way to evaluate the data of the article as well as to evaluate all the research methods and results of a specific article. It should be written without any heading, and there should be some comments about the quality of the work in it.

5) Literature review

The basic aim of writing the literature review is to identify the key ideas of the specific literature, to understand the current importance of the that literature review, and to find out the gap between the current data regarding to it. The structure of the literature review consists of the introduction, body, and conclusion and these things should be written without any heading.

6) Project report

A project report is an important type of the assignment that is assigned to the students at the college level. The basic aim of writing the project report is to make a plan of the work that should be done in a specific subject area. The basic structure of the project report consists of the title page, introduction, body, conclusion, recommendations, glossary, and appendices.

These are the most important types of the assignments that are assigned to the students at the college level. If you are not able to write down any kind of the assignment, then you can get help from the assignment writing services.

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